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baignade autour de Pensol

baignade autour de Pensol

05 May 23

Where do we swim?

Or …. Why is there no swimming pool at our place?

For a successful holiday, you want rest, swimming, lunches in the sun, dinners on the terrace...

For a successful holiday you need comfort, to find yourself "like at home: but perhaps better?

For a successful holiday, do you prefer all-inclusive, all on site?

Do you know that despite the fact that you will not find a swimming pool with us, you will have the pleasure of spending a holiday worthy of your desires, your needs, your preferences?

In our cottage "Lo Maïsou" you will find all the comfort you expect: beds made on arrival, towels, welcome products, plenty of crockery, household appliances to cook like chefs!

You have at your disposal a pleasant, quiet garden, with deckchairs for everyone, parasols, a barbecue. What to spend good times basking in the sun 🌞

A few kilometers away (less than 10 minutes by car) you can take advantage of the beautiful Etang de St Saud Lacoussière to relax on the beach, have a drink, enjoy a good waffle or a pizza!

Our region is dotted with many swimming ponds that you will discover during your walks.

In the Périgord-Limousin, there are hilly landscapes, greenery, water, forests, pretty villages... that you will discover with pleasure.

With all these possibilities for a successful holiday. we said to ourselves that it was not really very useful to install a swimming pool at home.

Moreover, this is not entirely compatible with the values that we display under the "Valeurs Parc Naturel" brand:a swimming pool is a lot of water, treatments, maintenance for a short time of use, the artificialization of the ground, etc...

By being installed in the very heart of a Regional Natural Park, we have a duty to protect the surrounding nature and to bring our living practices into line with it.

.That's why you won't find a swimming pool with us.

But if you have read my message so far, you now know that you can have a very pleasant holiday in Pensol in Our gite, even without that much desired swimming pool.

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slow tourisme, vacances au vert, partir à la campagne

slow tourisme, vacances au vert, partir à la campagne

08 Feb 23

7 good reasons to book with us - 2 nights to enjoy

This summer, if you want to come to us, you must stay for 2 nights.
You are certainly wondering about this choice we made?

We have thought long and hard about the reasons that lead us to "force" you to take 2 nights.

Here are 7 reasons to do so:

1 - We will get to know each other better, and get to know our guests, that's why we wanted to do this job
2 - You will have a full day to discover our environment
3 - if you ever arrive in the rain and it's sunny the next day, you won't regret staying
4 - You can enjoy 2 gourmet breakfasts, different every day (we promise, even if you stay 5 days, you will never have the same one)
5 - You will be able to take advantage of our good advice for your visits (on site, we will discuss your tastes, your desires ... we will give you the personalized advice that you will not have when you arrive in the evening and leave on the next morning)
6 - You will have the choice of having dinner one evening at the house, or even the 2, and you will thus share convivial moments with our other guests in our company (with the pleasure of tasting healthy and local products, homemade)
7 - you will have more memorable memories of your stay with us, and so will we!

By consulting our website, you may still hesitate to book being obliged to stay 2 nights.
Then re-read our 7 good reasons, and let yourself go... You won't regret it! Promise!

#vacances #partir #slow-tourisme #campagne #ressourcement #calme
slow tourisme à la Vieille Maison de Pensol

slow tourisme à la Vieille Maison de Pensol

09 Apr 22

Slow tourism - Your new way to go

When we opened our bed and breakfast or our gite, we had no idea that one day it would be possible to enjoy the environment of La Vieille Maison without a car.

Pensol is a small village "far from everything"... This is what our guests often say when they arrive.
Then, as soon as they have visited the surroundings, their first impression changes.
It is true that we are far from big cities and shopping areas, but we are near typical villages, near a beautiful swimming pond, near local artisans and artists, near producers, farmers etc ...

If you are looking for another way of living and visiting a place, our accommodations are for you!

Slow tourism, you know?
Slow tourism is the art of traveling while taking your time, fully immersing yourself in the nature that surrounds us and the rich heritage. It means privileging encounters, savoring the pleasures of the table, with the concern for respecting the territory and its inhabitants.

If you feel like it, know that thanks to the partnerships we have entered into with Nathalie, David and Joanne, you can come to us without your car and thus discover a completely different way of enjoying your holidays.

Nathalie is Nath'VTC: she is at your disposal to pick you up at the station or the airport, and on site take you to visit the towns and villages that are a little too far to go there by bike.

David and Joanne, are the managers in Haute Vienne of DispoVélo: this company rents you high quality bicycles for affordable prices, and above all brings them to your holiday resort. You will find your bikes on site when you arrive, and you will return them just before your departure. An ideal service so you don't have to worry about bringing your bikes on the train or plane.

You can find the contact details of our partners in the "discover" section of our site,our walking and cycling partners

#vacances #partir #slow-tourisme #campagne #ressourcement #calme
Image par Sofie Zbořilová de Pixabay

Image par Sofie Zbořilová de Pixabay

27 Sep 21

Supervised Yoga practice at the "Vieille Maison"

New at La Vieille Maison!

We have always been keen to allow our guests to recharge their batteries by coming to Pensol.

The Limousin nature, welcoming and warm allows this rejuvenation, but today, we can also offer you other moments of relaxation and letting go.

Mélanie Graduate Professor of Hatha Yoga invites you to practice this discipline in all serenity during your stay at the Old House.

In group or individual lessons, choose your formula!
Release tensions and discover a free and peaceful interior space

Find out more info here

Image par Goumbik de Pixabay - La Vieille Maison de Pensol

Image par Goumbik de Pixabay - La Vieille Maison de Pensol

03 Feb 21

Lo Maïsou - haven of peace for digital nomads

By creating our gîte (Lo Maïsou) we had the idea of welcoming travelers eager for independence, looking for a quiet place to come and spend "green" holidays away from the crowds and overcrowded regions.

The Périgord-Limousin Regional Nature Park is one of its magical places, where the beauty of the landscapes takes your breath away, and where we discover with happiness, spaces still untouched by any nuisance.

The almost absolute calm, the magnificent starry nights, the quiet hikes, the old-fashioned charm of the villages, the splendor of the castles; what else to ask?

At the stage of this post, you are probably wondering what would make you come to such a (too?) Quiet place?

If you are a tourist, I assure you that you will not get lost by coming here in summer!

Look here to see what our tourist routes will allow you to discover each day of your stay.

If you are a digital nomad, you are probably looking for something else?
We have what you need!
Space, independence, calm, a good internet connection, and why not invent new services for you?
And with several it's possible too (discover our 2 bedrooms each with its own shower room )

Let's talk together?

Call us on 06 60 80 14 98 to organize your teleworking stay .