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Cœur en forêt Limousine

CORONAVIRUS INFO: Unfortunately, we have to close ...

We are living in difficult times ....
Everywhere in France, life stops, people are disoriented, shocked, lost.

Here in Limousin, life continues to flow slowly, to the warm rhythm of our countryside.
We remain confident and united, but here everything is different.
Few people in the paths, the woods remain the best place to walk in peace, the cows look at us kindly, without judging us.

But despite everything, you will understand that we cannot afford to remain open.

For the good of all, and in compliance with the instructions, it is with a big heart that we must make this decision.

We will take advantage of this time given to us to finish installing 'Lo Maïsou "and make some improvements in the garden.

We will meet again in the spring to share some great moments with you again.

For any questions or reservations, do not hesitate to call us on 05 55 35 04 74 or 06 60 80 14 98.

Take care of yourself ...

See you soon,