Room Description




Welcome in our suite, Tardoire and Bandiat.

The Bandiat is a river that flows through the land of the Feuillardiers from East to West. Associated with the Tardoire, is first and foremost the union of two rivers with a mysterious destiny.

Secretly the Bandiat and the Tardoire join to mix their waves.

In our suite, you will find, as on the shady banks of these rivers, reasons to let you go and dream…

2 rooms with a shared shower, in which you will have the pleasure to discover a refined colors soft and fresh decor.


In “suite” with Bandiat, you will find in this room the comfort of 2 twin beds (separated or not) and a pleasant, modern shower room.

  • 2 beds of 80 X 200
  • Courtesy tray
  • desk
  • WiFi available






In “suite” with Tardoire, you will appreciate the comfortable bed and direct access to the toilet facilities (common for Tardoire and Bandiat).

  • 1 bed 160 X 200
  • Desk
  • Courtesy tray
  • WiFi available

(shared shower with Tardoire room)

This suite can be booked for 3 people minimum. In case of unavailability of the other rooms on the period you want to, feel free to contact us.