“Coming from a nature preserve, Haute-Vienne offers local cuisine generous and varied. The gastronomy has its roots and identity in the heart of the country cooking, simple and authentic “(The guide Discovery – Tourism Haute Vienna).

At the Old House and during your visit, you will discover and taste many local specialties, such as:

– The Bovine meat limousine
– The lamb Baronnet
– The Swine meat “Black Ass”
– Apple
– Chestnut

And many more that will delight your taste buds !!

Many local producers will have the pleasure to introduce you to very diverse ranges of products through sales on farms or in markets and fairs held throughout the year in the territory of the Périgord-Limousin Regional National Park.

During summer,   a Country Producers Markets® is organized. Those special markets offer you the possibility to taste and buy good products on the spot.
Remember, too, in winter, the famous foie gras markets and truffles.

At the Old House, we will heart to make you discover these specialties, cooked by Véronique or purchased directly from our local producers, many of which offer products from organic farming.